North Attleboro Eagle Scout Gives Back

North Attleboro Eagle Scout gives back. Keigan Cullen, a North Attleboro High student athlete,and an Eagle Scout Candidate with Troop 33 in North Attleboro is working on his Eagle project, a nature trail behind the YMCA. Keigan, a Scout since he was eight years old, chose the YMCA site for his project as a way to give back to the YMCA for all the years of enjoyment he’s had there. Keigan attended The Childrens’ Center Daycare as a child, tried his hand at every sport available, learned to swim, and went to Summer Camp at the YMCA growing up. He remembers taking the trail years ago as a shortcut from the Senior Camp to the Drama Stage, but the trail hasn’t been maintained in years. To start, he – and 35 volunteers that he rounded up – cleared the trail and cut down five dead trees along the trailside. He then built bird and bathouses which he installed along the way. To go along with the houses, he installed informational signs about some of the local animal life, such as bats, birds, and squirrels. He hopes the trail will be enjoyed by generations of kids for years to come. Keigan is a Senior at North, and plans on joining The National Guard and applying to State Universities to study Engineering.


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